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As the holiday season approaches and the weather gets cooler in Canada and the U.S., many of our customers and friends head to Mexico. Some will spend the holidays in great colonial cities such as Merida, where they will witness the magic local architects have woven to transform a refurbished colonial home.Others will head to beach destinations such as Puerto Angel, Huatulco, Playa del Carmen. Others will opt for the cultural offerings of large Mexican cities such as Guadalajara, Puebla, Cuernavaca. Many will call us for furniture packages or...
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A few days ago, I noticed, a bit sadly, that the morning light outside my window seemed subdued. It was a beautiful sunny morning, yet the light had a softer, more muted quality. Like autumn light. “Oh, no,” I thought – “Already?” But then I thought of all the great things that come with a new season, including the opportunity to update home and furniture, re-decorate … perhaps even splurge on a new pair of stylish boots! A new season of home furniture and décor, yes, also in Mexico This fall and winter, decorators, magazines and blo...
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I was very pleased when I saw the video about Mexico which I will share in a few moments. It includes many great nuggets of information and it is visually lovely. Izamal is one of the “Pueblos Magicos” – magical towns of Mexico. Isn’t that a wonderful thing? To designate towns as magical? I suppose all towns can be, but in Mexico certainly some are more magical than others. As you watch the video, please pay special attention to the quirky unique furniture in some of the rooms. And please remember, we can help you design and build some suc...
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Great summer reading in Mexico or elsewhere While recently on retreat at Wisdom House, I found and began re-reading a little gem of a book, "Gift from the Sea." In it, Anne Morrow Lindbergh shares her experiences during 2 weeks at a beach cottage. The book captures her musings, prompted by shells found at the shore. For me, the book was just what the doctor ordered. Perfect summer reading. Perfect reminder of the importance of having a room of one's own. Perfect reminder of the wisdom found in Nature. Perfect reminder of why I love Cottage ...
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  If you are like me and you love the transformative power of home and garden décor, you probably love the shows on HGTV. One of my favorites is “The Outdoor Room” with Jamie Durie. This Aussie-with-an-attitude is truly gifted. His outdoor and patio makeovers are, for the most part, stunning, surprising and inspiring. Unfortunately, he doesn’t work on properties in Mexico, but I am sure he has influenced many Mexican interior and landscape designers, as well as countless outdoor and patio areas in Merida, Playa del Carmen, Puerto Angel, a...
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When it comes to furnishing your Mexican condo or vacation property, you are often faced with the all-inclusive furniture package offer. How do you make the best decision for you and your family? Here are some pros and cons:   Is it easier to say yes to the Mexico developer's furniture package? It may seem an easy choice to tell your agent or condo developer, "Yes, sure, we'll take the furniture package too." However, you will still need to decide on the specific pieces you want and don't want, and likely, negotiate the best deal. Also,...
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Beautiful Mexican contemporary dining chairs These beautiful Mexican dining chairs, upholstered in dark chocolate suede are for sale at $195 USD each, for a limited time only. We have six (6) of them available, and they will need to be sold together. First come first served. They are brand new. Our Mexican artisans produced a few more than we needed; this is the only reason we have these chairs available at this excellent price. Please contact us if you are interested in having them shipped to your Mexican condo, home or vacation pro...
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I’ve known for several weeks. It isn’t that I was trying to keep it a secret, but finally I decided to just own up to it full on: This year, I have a really bad case of spring fever. Months ago, feeling parched for color, for furniture ideas, for bright home accents and accessories, I searched websites, visited stores, even bought seeds so I could start flowers indoors from seedlings. I needed color, inspiration. Color has a great influence on our mood and attitudes. Color is healing; color is vibrant; color can make a huge difference in your M...
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Whether you are in Mexico, the US or Canada, this is the time to de-clutter, to bring in color, to spruce up your Mexico decoration and your furniture ... perhaps the time to get new cushions for that Mexican sofa! Customers often ask us if we can make new cushions for their sofas. Truth is, unless you already own one of our super comfortable slip cover sofas, it is not so easy to make just replacement cushions for your sofa in Mexico. If you already own a Mexican slipcover sofa from Gringo furniture, we can make another cover for you, no p...
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Several years ago, my dear friend Peggy took a sabbatical from her job at a college in Oregon. A fine artist, performer and seasoned college administrator, she could have gone to Paris, Florence, Rome, anywhere, really. She chose Mexico. During that year, she painted, she made new friends, she published a book, she practiced her Spanish. The visit, she said, thoroughly and deeply enriched her life. There is something special about San Miguel de Allende. I can even hear it on the telephone when I speak to customers who have purchased vacat...
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