Choosing Mexican Furniture for your Outdoor Patio, Pool Area or Terrace

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Mexican Outdoor Patio Furniture


If you are like me and you love the transformative power of home and garden décor, you probably love the shows on HGTV. One of my favorites is “The Outdoor Room” with Jamie Durie. This Aussie-with-an-attitude is truly gifted. His outdoor and patio makeovers are, for the most part, stunning, surprising and inspiring. Unfortunately, he doesn’t work on properties in Mexico, but I am sure he has influenced many Mexican interior and landscape designers, as well as countless outdoor and patio areas in Merida, Playa del Carmen, Puerto Angel, and all over Mexico, actually. We had the pleasure of meeting Jamie in Las Vegas and he did not disappoint. "Personable" seems to be his middle name. 



Choosing Best Mexican Outdoor and Patio Furniture


Our customers typically have a pretty good idea regarding what they like and don’t like for their Mexican outdoor rooms, patios and terraces. Some love the sleek look, feel and durability of all-weather rattan. Others prefer treated pine wood or oak with all-weather Sunbrella cushions. Others just love the look, feel and sturdiness of wrought iron furniture. And others go for the gusto with Rococo outdoor furniture pieces. Go big or go home, right?


Pros and Cons of Synthetic Rattan Outdoor Furniture in Mexico


We can pretty much help you obtain any piece of outdoor furniture in all-weather rattan nowadays in Mexico. Most of the ensembles and pieces we have available come in dark brown, black, white or oatmeal color. Most of these pieces are woven over aluminum frames (uber light). We also have some pieces available that are woven over wrought iron that has been treated for outdoor use. The benefits of this kind of furniture for your Mexican outdoor room are many: 1. Beautiful look; 2. Contemporary feel; 3. Durability; 4. All-weather appeal. There are also a few cons: 1. Because of high-demand, you must order months in advance; and 2. These all-weather rattan furniture pieces can be higher in price.


All Weather rattan lounging pod


Treated Wood Furniture for your Mexican Outdoor Room


If your preference is a rustic, cozy, natural look and feel, you will be partial to treated pine or oak for your Mexican patio furniture. We can make a number of tables, chairs and loungers in pine or oak. The treatment process involves applying several layers of protection to the wood, so that it is ready to be used outdoors. Often, our customers choose to purchase additional wax sealant to coat their furniture every year to further protect it from the elements. If you choose wood furniture pieces for your Mexican patio or outdoor room, please be aware that the all-weather treatment may give the wood a reddish hue.


Adirondak Muskoka Chairs Outdoor


Choosing Mexican Wrought Iron Furniture for your Outdoor Patio Area


There’s no denying the beauty, charm and added appeal of wrought iron furniture, for use indoor or outdoor in your Mexico home. To me, nothing says Mexico like a lovely table with iron swirls; or a sconce or chandelier custom made by a Mexican artisan just for your home in Mexico. Wrought iron furniture for outdoor use can be treated with a special coating to protect from rusting, and can be upholstered in Sunbrella fabric and cushions for all-weather use. The advantage (or disadvantage) of wrought iron is how heavy it can be. If you need to move your furniture quite a bit, this is probably not going to be the ideal option for your Mexican outdoor room, no matter how charming you find wrought iron.


Mexico Outdoor Wrought Iron Dining Room


We offer a variety of styles, materials and furniture options for your Mexican patio or outdoor area. Please remember to order with plenty of time (months), especially if you choose all-weather rattan outdoor furniture. Yes, you may send us photos of furniture you’ve seen and we can quote customizing it just for you. As Jamie Durie points out in his work, remember that your Mexican patio or outdoor area can be as charming, elegant, modern, inspiring, cozy and special as your indoor Mexican rooms … or even more so. Gardens, pools, landscaping can transport us, relax us and help make us feel that in the words of Isak Dinesen in "Out of Africa" --  “Here we are; where we are meant to be.”

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