Unique Mexican furnishings, odds and ends in Izamal Mexico

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Izamal Mexico Furnishing Odds and Ends

I was very pleased when I saw the video about Mexico which I will share in a few moments. It includes many great nuggets of information and it is visually lovely.

Izamal is one of the “Pueblos Magicos” – magical towns of Mexico. Isn’t that a wonderful thing? To designate towns as magical? I suppose all towns can be, but in Mexico certainly some are more magical than others. As you watch the video, please pay special attention to the quirky unique furniture in some of the rooms. And please remember, we can help you design and build some such furniture (or other) for your Mexican home or condo.

I'd like to comment on 4 interesting facts about Mexico mentioned on the video

1. Did you know that throughout Mexico, many cathedrals are built exactly on the spots that ancient pyramids once occupied? Seems the Catholic church recognized the spots as powerful, or perhaps as places of gathering and built massive churches right on top of pyramids in many cases. Location, location, location!

2. Most traditional and colonial kitchens in Mexico have an open design and feature open cupboards and shelving. This is for very practical reasons -- to encourage air flow and circulation and to prevent problems in closed cupboards that may be caused by humidity. This design also encourages paring down and staying organized, clutter-free. Kitchen islands are a great addition to Mexican kitchens, because they help us stay organized and provide extra counter and storage space.

3. Hammocks as a piece of (very versatile) furniture. Hammocks are part of the history of Mexican furniture. They were the favorite way to rest and sleep (and still are in many cases). Why? They enabled people to be off the ground, pest free and also cooler. They are a great way to accommodate many more people than you might think possible in a bedroom.

4. Mexico’s local arts and crafts are great for helping to make your Mexican home truly your own with special colorful touches. The abundance of handicrafts in Mexico never ceases to amaze me. These colorful, unique items make great accessories as you furnish your Mexican home. You can support Mexican artisans and craftspeople by choosing embroidered pillows, handmade bedspreads, wall art, Mexican masks, talavera pottery and whimsical additions to your Mexico home or vacation property.

Without further preamble, and thanks to our friends at Yucatan Living, we now share their "Houses of Merida" Izamal video.


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