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As we shared with you on a previous blog post, Pinterest is here to stay. To me, the success of the site is a testament to the power of visuals. We love Pinterest as a way to stay in touch with our clients, collaborate with customers on product design; get a better idea of client wishes, likes and dislikes … and as a way to share new Mexican furniture we have available. For example, recently, I discovered some great outdoor furniture boards and have been following them as a benefit to our Mexican artisans and our customers. If you are already ...
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That special outdoor furniture allure We are now in the full swing of summer in the States and Canada and I am personally loving every opportunity to sit outdoors whether at a cafe, a friend's patio, or our own terrace. This season I have acquired an even deeper appreciation for the beauty, durability and comfort of outdoor furniture. Using great outdoor furniture to extend your home Those environments we create outdoors can be gorgeous extensions of our homes. If we make our patios, pool areas and terraces comfortable, fun, elegant, and soo...
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Mexico is a beautiful country with oh sooo much to offer to the eco-traveler, the gourmand, the investor, the artist, the history buff, the entrepreneur. Americans and Canadians flock to Mexico for the climate, the pace of life, the opportunities. Expats buy Mexican homes, soak up the culture, set up investment rental properties, open new businesses. One of the things that can get in the way of enjoying Mexico from day one can be fear. Audrey Royem knows this. She has set up a wonderful company to assist expats in Mexico. Based in Sayulita, Na...
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In case you’ve not yet heard, Pinterest -- pronounced like “interest” but with a p -- is an online visioning / dreaming / planning board for your life, home design and decor. Of course, it's more or less than that, but that’s how I see it. To be fair, the official site positions Pinterest as a “Virtual Pinboard” that allows you to organize and share all the beautiful things you find on the web, from planning a wedding to decorating homes to organizing recipes. Brilliant, no? We think so! Here are 3 ways to use Pinterest and Gringo Furniture t...
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Phew! I’ve wanted to offer you this Style Quiz for the longest time. The idea occurred to me years ago but then, as it often happens when running a business, too many other things became important priorities. Still, the style quiz was always in back of my mind. I thought it could be a really fun way to help you get to know our furniture collections and choose favorite styles. So I kept gathering ideas, making notes, collecting images, always hoping to have a chance to one day … offer the style quiz on our site. I began to draft the questio...
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Well, I’ve gone and done it! In the past few weeks I have completely re-organized, cleaned, shined up, scented and updated our office and it feels amazing. In the process, I’ve developed a fond appreciation for those trusty pieces of furniture that help us organize paperwork, belongings, office files, furniture fabric samples, as well as all our Mexican furniture catalogs and materials from our Mexico furniture suppliers. With everything in its place and a place for everything, it’s almost like having done a whole space renovation. Now, as I ...
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They are here. They have arrived! And we are so excited to share them with you that we needed to dedicate a blog post to them. Here are our Mexican Fiesta Chairs. Yes, I confess, the inspiration for naming them comes from fiestaware colors. But I mean, look at them, they are beautiful and fun! The perfect antidote for the thirst for color many of us develop in the winter months. The variety of colors is so inspiring ... you can have a white all-weather rattan table, a chocolate colored office in Mexico, or a wrought iron Mexican livin...
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First snow storm of 2012! Beautiful -- a little impractical for doing business and getting around, but beautiful. That’s what I told my friend on the phone this morning. She replied, “Oh, it’s really bright and sunny here.” Immediately, just hearing that, my day felt warmer. Many of our friends and family go to Mexico when Canada and the U.S. begin to get way too cold. There is so much that brings us to Mexico year after year. So much that calls us, inspires us, make us return to Mexico over and over again. What is it? Well, as you k...
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Happy New Year! Yes, 2012 has now officially arrived. With it comes a desire to make a difference, change something, keep it real, perhaps enjoy life more fully. As a “central operations hub” and foundation to our lives, our home is essential in supporting all our endeavors: personal, social, relational, spiritual. Home/hearth is a huge key to our wellbeing. Here, with our best New Year wishes, are 3 ideas to ready your home so it can support you, your health, your work and your dreams during this amazing year. As the year begins, have l...
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As established on our last post, it is essential as well as a great investment to pay attention to furnishing your Mexican bedroom beautifully and well. The bedroom is a nourishing oasis for you and can be a “piece-de-resistance” for your potential renters in Mexico. In addition to choosing a neutral color palette, keeping things simple and using soothing textures and accents, these four furniture pieces can be the key to your Mexico bedroom’s design success. In Your Mexican bedroom, the Bed runs the show This goes without saying. You ...
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