Mexican Furniture Helps Make your Bedroom a Nourishing Oasis

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If you are visiting our site, chances are you are aware of the special warmth, texture and cozy allure of Mexican furniture. When it comes to bedroom design, the same characteristics that make us love Mexican furniture can also help us build gorgeous bedrooms to nourish our bodies, our minds and our spirit.

Mexican bedroom furniture as an afterthought

Usually, when deciding what furniture to purchase for their homes or rental property in Mexico, customers give most attention to the common areas -- the areas of the home that visitors will see and share. While this is of course very important, I would venture to say that this is not the right order of priority. Not for the budget, not for decorating your home in Mexico, not for your potential renters, and especially not for you!

Why the bedroom is key in your Mexican property

Let’s face it: the bedroom is your oasis. It is the place where you recharge, replenish, re-connect with yourself and your significant other. Goodness, it’s the place in which you dream! Many of us tend to place everyone else’s needs ahead of our own. It takes work for some of us to remember that we need to take care of ourselves first so we can truly be there for others. Instead of allocating a large part of the budget and our decision–making process to the living room and outdoor furniture (no, there’s nothing wrong with that), we must first take care of the bedroom. We must take care of ourselves.

In Mexico, a beautifully furnished bedroom will bring renters

I’ll make it even more practical: Your renters will be impressed by the façade and entrance to your Mexican home. They will be drawn by the living room and the opportunities to entertain in Mexico. But they will often choose to rent your Mexican property time and again if the bedroom makes them feel comfortable, at ease and allows them to replenish, sleep great and feel rested in the morning. We all know how everything suddenly seems s possible after a good night’s sleep.

So, when considering your furniture priorities for your Mexican condo or home, let’s hear it for the bedroom!

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