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February, month of Love!  A chance to invite a little luxury and sweetness. A chance to be cozy by a beautiful fire.  A reminder of the experiences that warm our hearts.  A time, perhaps, to rethink your bedroom as an oasis of replenishment and (of course) sensuality.  With that in mind, here are some suggestions for improving the overall appeal of your bedroom. Your bedroom as nourishing oasis Going into your bedroom should call forth from you at the very least a sigh of relief (if not delight). You should see, feel, and ...
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Several years ago we witnessed an amazing thing while jet skiing in Cabo San Lucas, at the Arch, where the Sea of Cortez meets the Pacific Ocean. As our jet ski idled at the place where the 2 bodies of water meet, suddenly three manta rays jumped off the water, one after the other, and flew directly over our jet ski. They left us filled with amazement, gratitude and, yes, with our hair standing on end.  Thanks to our friends at Yucatan Living who shared this video, filed off the coast of Isla Holbox Mexico, I am remembering that incre...
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Check out this charming short video by Saveur Magazine featuring cooks from one of our favorite Mexico food destinations, the city of Puebla in the state of Puebla.   
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  It’s a great idea to update your home’s décor by doing at least one new thing at the start of a new year. It brings new energy, new perspectives and -- some even say -- prosperity into a home.  I know sometimes there’s a limit to how much we are able to do to breathe new life, color and energy into our home environment. We may need to build an addition, purchase a new bedroom set, new sofa or a new dining room. But while we shop to find exactly what we want, we can still add interesting pieces and accents to spruce up our homes or ...
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I have been traveling to Mexico for many years now. There is one piece of furniture that fascinates me endlessly yet we haven’t featured very much on our site or on our blogs. Today, I hope to change that by talking about: TRUNKS. The special allure of Mexican storage trunks Trunks fascinate me. And Mexican trunks can be absolutely exquisite. Not to mention versatile. Throughout history trunks have been used to store dreams (trousseaus, china, wedding linens) as well as memories, photos, love letters. Storage trunks capture our imagination ...
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I am a very lucky person. Every week I get to talk about great Mexican furniture with clients who have purchased a home or condo in Mexico and are soon moving there. The moving to Mexico trend continues and it is not about to go away. American and Canadian Expats love their Mexican lifestyle because it allows many of them to “retire without retiring,” start living their life of adventure, and start living the life of their dreams. 1.Most Americans move to Mexico for the lifestyle The International Community Foundation surveyed 840 Americ...
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It is true that if you are living year round in Mexico, you are probably not as hungry for color right about now as we are in the U.S. or Canada. Still, spring is a beautiful time of year wherever you live or work. Right now I am completely eager for color, for bright things, for opportunities to spruce up and to bring in new accents into our home décor. Pantone’s Color of the year for 2014 is Radiant Orchid, a lovely lilac/pink tone which reminds me of my teenage years. As a teenager I had a radiant orchid shag carpet in my bedroom and my pare...
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  You had been thinking of investment opportunities. You visited Mexico; fell in love with the country, its food, its beaches. You looked at condos, did the numbers, they worked and you realized not only could you have your little piece of heaven there but you could also rent it when you were not using it. And now you are actually going to Mexico to take ownership of your Mexican home. Very exciting! How about the furniture? Well, you have too much furniture in your home in the States or Canada anyway, and wouldn’t it be nice to just brin...
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We are already full into the swing of a new year. With busy lives and ever more competing temptations vying for our time, it is more important than ever to have homes where we are recharged, where we are at ease, and where we can be nourished. Furniture plays a huge role in making a home an inviting, serene and comfortable oasis, but other factors also play a part. 1. Be aware of the various rooms in your home and their purpose This would seem quite obvious, but sometimes it is not. For example, if your bedroom is where you rest, recharge a...
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  Some of you will be in Mexico for the holidays. You are definitely in luck. Christmas -- "Navidad" -- in Mexico is gorgeous, filled with amazing foods, a festive atmosphere, people gathering, parades, celebrations ... and Mexican town squares and churches decorated to the nines. So much to see and do. How do you make the most of this time?   Have friends over for amazing Mexican food One way to celebrate Christmas in Mexico is to entertain and have gatherings in your Mexican home or condo. Yum! As your Mexican kitchen fills wit...
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