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Gifts from the sea

Great summer reading in Mexico or elsewhere

While recently on retreat at Wisdom House, I found and began re-reading a little gem of a book, "Gift from the Sea." In it, Anne Morrow Lindbergh shares her experiences during 2 weeks at a beach cottage. The book captures her musings, prompted by shells found at the shore. For me, the book was just what the doctor ordered. Perfect summer reading. Perfect reminder of the importance of having a room of one's own. Perfect reminder of the wisdom found in Nature. Perfect reminder of why I love Cottage style furniture so much, and all it evokes in my heart.

How a beach cottage, be it in Mexico or in your own backyard, helps you simplify

"Gift from the Sea" reminds me of the sweet allure of having a room of one's own. The author gets to her rental cottage and rolls up the area rugs so she can clean the sand more easily from the wood floors. She brings driftwood and seashells from the ocean to help complement the beach cottage furniture ... and she proceeds to thoroughly bask in the joy of simplification. As she contemplates various shells, the shells bring her lessons of life. The book makes me appreciate not just the easy beauty of a beach cottage, but also the joy in creating space to ponder, write, paint, recharge. A simple, easy place without distractions. I realize that a beach cottage, whether iit is in Mexico or an extension of your own home, can be a sacred place to a woman -- a reminder of her dreams, visions, hopes, wishes. A place she can decorate with the colors, designs, furniture, mementos that uplift and make her feel happy, joyful, inspired. Truly a room of her own.

Cottage painted chairs MexicoCottage accent table

Why choose Mexico for your beach cottage

In Mexico, many of our clients do find their rooms of their own. Some of them have found truly amazing deals. When they call us to order their Mexican artisan furniture, they share their stories and we love hearing them. One of our sweetest clients found a small home in Chemuyil, near Cancun, for 30,000 usd! Seems crazy but it is true. They chose some great, simple rustic furniture pieces, and now they travel to Mexico with their children several times a year for some very special, memorable family time and some fun in beautiful, colorful Mexico.

Coastal Cottage Furniture Mexico Gringo Blog

There is something unique about Mexico that invites a slower pace, relaxation and even contemplation. The days while away more easily. The people are warm and friendly. The gardens, colors, all of Nature seems more vibrant there. We think those who move to Mexico in search of the rest and relaxation answer ... and in search of their rooms of their own ... are certainly on to something.

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