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In the spirit of a new year, we are offering, for a very limited time, 2 Hacienda Tuscan collection pieces for delivery in the US. Let’s call it a New Year experiment. If your response is – as we hope – big and beautiful, we’ll make it a point to occasionally bring some of these gorgeous pieces into the US and offer them to you. The New Year is a great opportunity to spruce up, de-clutter, and make space for new people, experiences … and of course … furniture J to come into your life. As you de-clutter and create space,  consider upda...
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When I found this on my email Inbox, I thought it too perfect to be true. Come on! A song about Mexican furniture? Live from a Canadian Farmer's Market? But it is true, and it is beautiful to see this duo, loving their music, belting their original tune and sharing it live, along with the wonderful rapport they have with each other. So, here it is, no lie, a funny and sweet song about Mexican furniture. Enjoy!  
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It is easy to get carried away romanticizing the idea of the Mexican furniture artisan.  It is a powerful image to conjure the picture of the craftsman who has apprenticed under his elders, having learning to use the old-world tools and techniques. Now as a journeyman schooled in the authentic rustic, hacienda and other Mexico furniture traditions, the works have great utility, but also please the eye as artisanal works of art.   The truth of the matter? The truth of the matter is that there a lot of truth to this image for many o...
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By now I am sure you know we are partial to the hacienda architecture style and furnishings. Well, we recently added some gorgeous and exciting pieces to our Hacienda Collection. I finished writing copy for the various products just a few weeks ago and already these pieces have captivated clients and created some great buzz -- music to my ears! It just occurred to me that we should introduce them more directly here on our blog so that it is easier for you to find them. If you like what you see and it captures your imagination, please give ...
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Did you know that in Mexico there is such a thing as The Hacienda Route? Doesn't it sound like an adventurous, romantic, exciting idea for traveling through Mexico? I actually found out through our friends at Yucatan Living. As it turns out, the Hacienda Route is a tour or series of tours in which you can visit many of the stunningly beautiful Haciendas in the Yucatan. As you know, we love the whole hacienda style, look and feel.  We have put together an entire furniture package in celebration of Mexican haciendas.  So when planning y...
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  One of the things I enjoy the most in my work is the chance to do lots of armchair traveling. When clients call us to help them customize furniture packages for their Mexican condos and homes, I get to live vicariously. Love seeing the photos, the great views, the various styles of Mexican homes and the floor plans. Mexico is filled with gorgeous, warm (in people and in climate) destinations which capture the imagination and make us feel welcome.   I was then not at all surprised to come across this Toronto Star article f...
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When you travel in Mexico, you come to realize not only that Mexico has many great artisans, but that Mexico overall is an artisan culture. Throughout this great country, you see how a large portion of the population fends for themselves as small businesses. They do this through their enterprise, their ingenuity, and many times above all through their skill and attention to craft.    For me, true craftsmanship is a blend of skill, knowledge and presence in the work. You see this in all kinds of artisanal craft, whether the expertis...
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Here’s  a great video which captures wonderfully the inspiration for our Hacienda Furniture Collection. As you watch it, you will feel like you have gone back in time; however, this hacienda is alive and thriving in Mexico, 45 km from Merida by car.  This is unusual, as most of Mexico’s haciendas have now been abandoned and are no longer in operation.  On the early portion of the video you will be able to see the colonial architecture we so love in Mexico, as well as examples of Hacienda furniture pieces, wrought iron a...
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Over the years, we've worked hard to find the best way to handle furniture delivery costs. Mexico is a big country. Shipping and delivery charges in Mexico actually vary wildly. However, one of the benefits of having been in business for over ten years is that GringoFurniture has delivered furniture to just about to every corner of Mexico.  We've worked with and sifted through numerous shipping and delivery companies.  The several that we've retained are trustworthy, thorough, and they specialize in furniture delivery. We have develo...
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  Once again we hear of a wonderful place in Mexico through our friends at Yucatan Living.  Many thanks to the Working Gringos for everything they do to communicate their passion for Mexico and to share their advise, skills and expertise! In Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula, one of our very favorite cities is Merida. We were so moved by how kind and friendly people in Merida are, by the beauty of the markets, the stunning colonial homes around the Centro, the hustle and bustle amidst an attitude of grace ... and the dynamism of this rapidl...
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