Decorate your Mexican home with jewel tone color

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Decorate Mexico Home with Jewel Tones Gringo Furniture blog

A few days ago, I noticed, a bit sadly, that the morning light outside my window seemed subdued. It was a beautiful sunny morning, yet the light had a softer, more muted quality. Like autumn light. “Oh, no,” I thought – “Already?” But then I thought of all the great things that come with a new season, including the opportunity to update home and furniture, re-decorate … perhaps even splurge on a new pair of stylish boots!

A new season of home furniture and décor, yes, also in Mexico

This fall and winter, decorators, magazines and blogs are raving about jewel tones. And why not? These colors are simply delicious in their richness and vibrancy. As Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz might have said, “Sapphires, Emeralds, Rubies, Oh my!!!” Though most locations in Mexico remain warm in autumn and winter, jewel tones present a great opportunity for updating your Mexican bedroom, Mexican living room or even your dining room décor. These colors work really well with most of the architecture in Mexico, especially in the case of colonial or adobe architecture. When we think of jewel tones, we think of exotic rooms and locations (Morocco, for example).

Two options when considering jewel tones for your Mexico home decoration

Jewel tones can help you update your Mexican home or Mexico vacation property by making you think outside the box when you choose your furniture. You can "jewel-tone" a special piece of furniture which will become the focal point for a room. For example, you can choose a sofa, a bed, or arm chair for your Mexico home, upholstered in a fabric full of rich, bright, warm texture and color. If you don’t want to make a strong commitment to the jewel tone color palette in a large piece of furniture, you can accessorize. Instead of upholstering an entire sofa or love seat in a jewel tone, you can choose a neutral or golden-hued fabric and add pillows and throws in jewel tones. It will be beautiful. For more inspiration regarding jewel tones, see La Dolce Vita blog – lovely!

Frida Love seat Gringo Furniture

Many options and so much to gain for your Mexico home and furniture using jewel tones

So, whether you choose a focal stunning piece of furniture upholstered in jewel tone fabric, or you decide instead to accessorize your Mexican home décor with draperies, throws, pillows, glass vases, candles or bed linens in jewel tones … they will add exquisite touches to your home. There’s something quite cozy, warm and inviting about jewel tones … as well as an uplifting vibration that is created when you use them to paint, accessorize or furnish your home. Give it a try! You and your guests in Mexico will feel like royalty!

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