Is Mexico Safe?

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I just recently returned from a trip to Mexico. I know there’s ample coverage in the media regarding safety and difficulties for travelers in Mexico. I am happy to report I experienced nothing of the sort. The people in Mexico are friendly as ever, the food is as delicious as ever and the warmth of the country moved my heart just like every other time if not more. Having said that, I am not going to make a blanket statement regarding safety because things can and do happen. The key is in being aware, not taking chances, and exercising common sense.

Can U.S. and Canada travelers drive safely to Mexico?

Two or three years ago, you could drive an SUV or camper into Mexico and take with you mattresses, bed sheets, furniture, appliances to furnish your Mexican home. This is no longer such a smart or viable option. More and more of our customers now opt for flying rather than driving into Mexico. Some have driven with no incident, but why deal with the worry and the stress and the uncertainty? And, just for the record … other customers have had incidents when they’ve driven SUVs, cars and RVs to and from Mexico. Sad, but true.

We can help you navigate the many details of your move to Mexico

Our years of experience, our time in Mexico and our network of contacts help us help you as you consider these decisions. We can offer suggestions regarding which items (for example fine linens and bedding) it’s best for you to bring in your luggage because they are difficult to find. We can suggest possible places for you to obtain appliances, electronics, housewares. With some basic guidelines, you can pretty much find everything you need in Mexico. Call or email us -- we are happy to share our knowledge and experience with you.

Is it safe to ship furniture in Mexico?

Well, yes and no. It depends on trust, track record and professionalism. You have to be very discerning. People will tell you “yes, yes” but you’d be surprised what “delivering furniture” means to different people. To some, it means they drive it to the place and leave it … you must arrange to get it from the truck into your Mexican property. To others, it means getting it there, uninsured, poorly packed, whenever they get there. It is extremely important to work with proven, reputable shippers – not just someone who happens to know someone with a truck and can do it cheaply. That is a recipe for disaster! When customers order their Mexican furniture from us, they know we are committed to getting the furniture to their home in Mexico safely, efficiently. We work with strong shipping companies and contacts who’ve proven to be professional, thorough, ethical and fair. Cultivating and growing these relationships is a priority for us so that we can take the fear out of the equation for you … and meet our promise of quality, price and delivery.

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