4 Key Furniture Pieces help you Create a Nourishing Bedroom in Mexico

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As established on our last post, it is essential as well as a great investment to pay attention to furnishing your Mexican bedroom beautifully and well. The bedroom is a nourishing oasis for you and can be a “piece-de-resistance” for your potential renters in Mexico. In addition to choosing a neutral color palette, keeping things simple and using soothing textures and accents, these four furniture pieces can be the key to your Mexico bedroom’s design success.

In Your Mexican bedroom, the Bed runs the show

This goes without saying. You must love the bed you choose for your bedroom in Mexico. With your renters, King beds have great appeal. But, if space is limited, Queen beds can save you space in a smaller Mexican bedroom. Please, do give some serious attention to your choice of mattress. We have managed to find some wonderful mattresses in Mexico and are very happy to be able to share them with our customers. I’m not saying everyone needs to go with Super Prestige, but typical Mexican mattresses tend to have flimsy corners and not enough supple firmness to provide a good night’s sleep. And, if you are particular about bed linens, do try to bring them with you. Yes, you can find them in Mexico but you will pay lots for soft, high thread count, comfortable bed linens.

The Lovely Mexican Armoire as anchor furniture for your bedroom

A great armoire can help set the tone and take center stage in your bedroom. There’s a special allure to Mexican armoires. They can be grounding, mysterious, charming, elegant and even whimsical. Oh, and here’s an idea on how to compromise on the “TV or not TV” question for the bedroom: If you want a TV in your Mexico bedroom, consider placing it inside an armoire so that you can preserve the solace and integrity of your bedroom décor, but also have it available for that special Sunday morning program, or that late night movie.

The Handy Mexican Nightstand

You will want to keep your Mexican bedroom fairly simple, de-cluttered, appealing. You should be able to breathe a sigh of relief when you step into your bedroom. It should be a place that promises rest for you; not a place where you must de-clutter just to be able to get into bed. So if you like to read, knit, draw or browse magazines, have a few of them on a bedside night table with drawers, so that you can put them away when you are not using them. The nightstand can be your trusty ally.

The Valiant Mexico Headboard

A good headboard is oh so very important in bedroom design. Some experts go as far as saying that a headboard has everything to do with your health, prosperity and … even your love life! The headboard should support you and anchor you as well as protect you while you sleep. The image used is that of the headboard as a mountain guarding your back. Nowadays, upholstered headboards are very popular. No matter the material – wood, rattan, wrought iron, fabric, metal … the headboard should appeal to you and help make you feel safe and happy. According to feng shui, the art of Chinese placement, the headboard “has your back,” so to speak. Makes lots of sense, actually.

Here at Gringo Furniture, we absolutely know the huge importance of a great night’s sleep. We are also quite keen on the importance of nourishing yourself first. And, we are always happy to help you design and furnish amazing bedrooms for your Mexican dream homes. We look forward to it!

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