3 Ideas for starting a great New Year in your Mexico home ... or elsewhere

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Happy New Year! Yes, 2012 has now officially arrived. With it comes a desire to make a difference, change something, keep it real, perhaps enjoy life more fully. As a “central operations hub” and foundation to our lives, our home is essential in supporting all our endeavors: personal, social, relational, spiritual. Home/hearth is a huge key to our wellbeing. Here, with our best New Year wishes, are 3 ideas to ready your home so it can support you, your health, your work and your dreams during this amazing year.

As the year begins, have lucky foods available in your Mexican kitchen

If you are in your Mexico home in January, you may want to entertain your guests with some traditional New Year foods. It’s customary to bake a sweet bread or rosca with a surprise in it. The person who finds the surprise will be especially lucky in the New Year. People also like to eat 12 grapes to ensure luck in the 12 months of the year. I especially like having citrus fruits (limes, lemons, tangerines and kumquats) in the home this time of year -- I like the way they look and they are quite perfect to decorate mantels, sofa tables, dining rooms. Plus, Asian cultures consider them lucky and able to help bring in prosperity into the home and family.

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Clean, de-clutter, and freshen up your Mexican home with paint, accessories, color

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Nature abhors a vacuum. If your home is full, cluttered and dusty, it will be more difficult for new things to enter into it and into your life. Start the New Year creating space for the new in your surroundings. Go through your bed linens, clothing, kitchen utensils, souvenirs, decorative items and discard or donate anything you no longer use, is too old or no longer makes your heart sing. Once you clean and de-clutter, freshen up with paint, colorful pillows, or add that special piece of furniture or accessory you’ve been wanting.

Pay special attention to the mirrors in your Mexican home

Mirrors are wonderful. They are very interesting pieces in terms of decoration and home energetics. We all know the advantage of a well-placed mirror in enlarging a room and bringing in light. In the New Year, you want to make sure that your mirrors are clean, polished and clear. You also want to ensure that whatever gets reflected on the mirror – the beautiful Mexican talavera on the dining room table, or the wrought iron chandelier, or the vase of flowers … is in perfect working condition and looks great. The mirror will energize, augment and bring more of … whatever it is reflecting. Isn’t a mirror, just like a new year, a blank canvas, a fresh start … a fabulous opportunity?

We look forward to hearing from you and to helping you furnish your nourishing Mexico home!

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