5 ways to freshen up your home with furniture and décor

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It’s a great idea to update your home’s décor by doing at least one new thing at the start of a new year. It brings new energy, new perspectives and -- some even say -- prosperity into a home.  I know sometimes there’s a limit to how much we are able to do to breathe new life, color and energy into our home environment. We may need to build an addition, purchase a new bedroom set, new sofa or a new dining room. But while we shop to find exactly what we want, we can still add interesting pieces and accents to spruce up our homes or condos, be they in Canada, Mexico or the U.S.  

Here are some fun ideas and suggestions for you to consider especially at this time of year:


1. Update cushions, bed linens, sofa covers


A sure and inexpensive way to update rooms and environments is with new pillow covers, decorative pillows, colorful blankets – there are some gorgeous color combinations to choose from in Mexico. Since the investment is fairly minimal, you can take risks and “color outside the lines” trying out some brighter, bolder patterns.


2. Add a splash of color with bright Mexican Cottage furniture


I love the whimsy and easy charm of our Cottage furniture pieces. We can finish them in the bright color of your choice. These pieces are a fun way to bring new energy into your Mexican bedroom, Mexican kitchen or living room.


3. Use candles, flowers and found objects to decorate tables and mantles


I was born in the Caribbean, and I just have to have seashells somewhere in my décor.  They remind me of home.  Seashells, fresh flowers and candles in colors that coordinate with or accentuate your dining room, living room or bedrooms are a sure fire way to freshen your home at the start of the year.


4. Add water features and scents to your home environment


A small fountain, small fish bowl or aquarium can be very auspicious for your home. In Chinese feng shui fish and moving water are wonderful ways to attract wealth and abundance. We all know the power of scent. Sometimes a scent can transport us to a childhood memory, or to a memory of a wonderful vacation in Mexico.  Use clean, bright scents that can build on each other to help give your home a wonderful sensual signature.


5. Be more clutter free by investing in a lovely armoire


Your armoire can be dedicated to hold your scented linens, your lingerie, or even your craft projects. Armoires, like people, can be stately, whimsical, elegant, refined, sophisticated, mysterious and even magical.


Above all, have fun creating your home’s signature environment for the new year!

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