Romancing your Mexican Bedroom with Gringo Furniture

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February, month of Love!  A chance to invite a little luxury and sweetness. A chance to be cozy by a beautiful fire.  A reminder of the experiences that warm our hearts.  A time, perhaps, to rethink your bedroom as an oasis of replenishment and (of course) sensuality.  With that in mind, here are some suggestions for improving the overall appeal of your bedroom.

Your bedroom as nourishing oasis

Going into your bedroom should call forth from you at the very least a sigh of relief (if not delight). You should see, feel, and even smell that it is a place of soothing relaxation and replenishment. To ensure this, it is important to keep it free of clutter, free of projects or distractions and … Dare I say it? Free of technology!  A clean, simple, orderly room designed to relax, replenish you and from which to dream your very best dreams.

The central character here is the bed

To say the least, your bed should look and feel very inviting. It should have a strong headboard to protect and help stabilize you as you sleep. It should be dressed in bedding that appeals to your senses, in colors you love and are soothing and calming. The mattress should be extremely comfortable and yes, delicious in every way. You can add a few decorative pillows in interesting textures to improve visual and sensual appeal.

Bedroom furniture to dazzle your senses and keep things organized

Every piece of furniture you bring into your bedroom needs to earn the right to be here. Night stands can be whimsical, gorgeous, or simple. But they need to be practical, exceptionally well made, and need to work with the overall feel of your bedroom. They don’t need to match, but the overall ensemble needs to be able to work (or play) together well.  I love the idea of a bedroom armoire because they can be so gorgeous and amazing, and they help keep linens, blankets, clothing and lingerie organized. I also love the idea of a beautiful trunk at the foot of the bed. Similar to the headboard, a trunk, bench or small table at the foot of your bed helps stabilize you as you sleep and creates a certain coziness, a protected enclosure.

Since our Mexican artisans custom build your furniture, when it comes to designing the bedroom of your dreams, the sky is the limit! Contact us; we’d love to help.

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