4 Reasons so Many People are Moving to Mexico

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Gringo Furniture May 2014 Blog Post Moving to Mexico

I am a very lucky person. Every week I get to talk about great Mexican furniture with clients who have purchased a home or condo in Mexico and are soon moving there. The moving to Mexico trend continues and it is not about to go away. American and Canadian Expats love their Mexican lifestyle because it allows many of them to “retire without retiring,” start living their life of adventure, and start living the life of their dreams.

1.Most Americans move to Mexico for the lifestyle

The International Community Foundation surveyed 840 Americans ages 50 and over and found out that most move to Mexico because of lifestyle. Life in Mexico has a pace and cadence which is a breath of fresh air for many. This pace of life and enjoyment does wonder to help de-stress and put things in better (or right) life perspective.

2.Many Expats move to Mexico because it’s affordable

The second reason is Affordability / Cost of Living. For the most part, people can live well in Mexico – yes, in coastal areas -- for $1,000 USD per month. Even if budget is not a concern, it is fun and so freeing to go to a mercado with 10 dollars and come back out with everything you need to cook a delicious meal (and with fresh flowers for your dining room table). Health care costs and the availability of good fairly priced health care in Mexico are also factored in here.

3.No surprise: People move to Mexico for amazing weather

Let’s face it, especially after the harsh winters this past season in the Eastern US, everyone can appreciate warm bright sunny days and tropical flowers year round.

4. Mexico’s proximity to the US is a great draw

Finally, Expats say they decided on Mexico because of its proximity to the US. Most Americans and Canadians who move to Mexico own their homes in Mexico (rather than rent). They travel easily between Mexico and Canada or Mexico and the US. When they are not in Mexico, many rent their properties and in so doing help pay for their investment. And when you rent your property, if your furniture is from Gringo Furniture, you can be sure it will withstand the test of time.

When you find your little piece of heaven in Mexico, please remember that we are here to help you obtain gorgeous Mexican furniture for your new home easily and cost-effectively so that you can begin enjoying your time and your new home in Mexico immediately!

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