Warning: Spending Time in Mexico can Change your Life (for the better)

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Safety is one of the main considerations people have when they think of retiring to Mexico or elsewhere in Central and South America. And I get it, it is absolutely important to feel safe in one's new home be it in Mexico, Belize, Ecuador or Nicaragua. The important thing to do is to visit first, do your research, and have an attitude of openness and adventure. Of course things will be different when you move to Mexico, that's why you are moving! Most people believe that this move may well add years to your life, to your heart, and to your enjoyment of your retirement years. I laughed when I read the following article by Scott Koenig, aka A Gringo in Mexico. It gives new perspective to experiences one may find when moving to Mexico, and reminds us all to have a light heart. The article has witty as well as relevant information regarding moving to Mexico and how it could change your life forever.

Warning! Moving to Mexico

Without further ado, here are 10 warnings you must heed before deciding to set up a home in Mexico or to travel to Mexico for an extended period of time. Some of these warnings or life changes as I like to view them, are part of the reasons why we love Mexico. Whether moving to Mexico and setting up a home or rental property there is a future dream of yours, or you are at this very moment contemplating how to make it work and ready to go ... we hope you will have fun reading the Gringo's post. It certainly made us smile.



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