Spring has Sprung! Decorate with Radiant Orchid Color of the Year

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Gringo Furniture Spring 2014 blog post

It is true that if you are living year round in Mexico, you are probably not as hungry for color right about now as we are in the U.S. or Canada. Still, spring is a beautiful time of year wherever you live or work. Right now I am completely eager for color, for bright things, for opportunities to spruce up and to bring in new accents into our home décor. Pantone’s Color of the year for 2014 is Radiant Orchid, a lovely lilac/pink tone which reminds me of my teenage years. As a teenager I had a radiant orchid shag carpet in my bedroom and my parents had the walls painted to match. I had business ambitions for those colors even then, but my parents drew the line when I said I wanted to play music in my “home discotheque” and charge admission. lol

How to incorporate a bright color like Radiant Orchid in your Mexican décor without making a huge commitment

This is always the question when it comes to bold colors or bold, fun fads each year. You can use them creatively without painting an entire room or purchasing large pieces of furniture.

Allow us to customize one of the furniture pieces in our Cottage Series line in Radiant Orchid

Our cottage furniture pieces are perfect for bringing into your Mexican home bright and bold color accents. These pieces are among my favorite, because they say “beach cottage” like no other.

Enliven the cozy feel of your patio or living room with Radiant Orchid hues

Mexican blankets, decorative pillows, lampshades or even lamps in this in this lovely color will help your Mexican living areas and outdoor furniture “pop.”

Utilize flowers to update your Mexican décor and celebrate spring

Bougainvilleas are naturally dazzling in Radiant Orchid, and they are plentiful and abundant throughout Mexico. Purple orchids are also beautiful when arranged in vases or even better when you can display the entire plant.

However you choose to brighten up, spruce up, decorate with color, or keep things light, we are here to help. Call us with your questions and/or ideas and you will be surprised with what our talented Mexican artisans are capable of producing. Happy spring time!

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