Mexican Furniture, Beauty and Abundance. Enter the Year of the Sheep!

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Chinese New Year was celebrated last month, February 19.According to the experts we are now well underway with the energies of the Year of the Wood Sheep.This year, new wood furniture adds luck to your home’s décor! Because this is the year of the Wood Sheep, 2015 is a wonderful year for wood furniture. Yes, we ARE very happy about this!  If you've been waiting to replace a key piece of furniture -- dining room table, bedroom set, buffet, now is the time to do it. New wood furniture may do wonders for your prosperity this year.

Year of the Sheep best colors for decorating your home

Blue and earthy color shades are great for decorating. 2015 is the year of the Wood Sheep. Sensitive, vulnerable and quiet sheep and goat need a calming atmosphere in which to rest. Good colors will include neutral colors, grayish brown color hues, creamy white, blue color tones and green colors. Imagine the environments and colors where sheep and goat rest, wander through and are most comfortable in.

Use natural fibers, cozy wools, soft textures in decorative pillows and interior design accents

The Year of the Sheep is a great year for woolens, textures, comfort and relaxation. Sheepskins will be in, as will anything warm and inviting such as knitted or crocheted gifts, pillows, blankets and throws.

Why bother doing any of this? 

Some people actually swear by the huge difference Feng Shui or the art of Chinese placement has made in their enjoyment of their homes, in their health and in their lives. It cannot hurt and it is fun; so in fact my answer to the question is: “Why not?”

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