The Magic of Mexican Furniture Trunks

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I have been traveling to Mexico for many years now. There is one piece of furniture that fascinates me endlessly yet we haven’t featured very much on our site or on our blogs. Today, I hope to change that by talking about: TRUNKS.

The special allure of Mexican storage trunks

Trunks fascinate me. And Mexican trunks can be absolutely exquisite. Not to mention versatile. Throughout history trunks have been used to store dreams (trousseaus, china, wedding linens) as well as memories, photos, love letters.

Storage trunks capture our imagination

When you picture well dressed and coiffed ladies traveling by train or by ship in the 19th century, they traveled with their dogs, yes, but also with great trunks. That’s in fact how Louis Vuitton got started in the 1850’s, by catering to their needs. The Mexican trunk tends to be more rustic than its French counterparts but nowadays it is, to me, such an alluring piece of furniture!

Choosing storage trunks for your Mexican home

Here are some examples of trunks we can have our artisans produce for your Mexican home. Mexican trunks can be used in your bedroom, at the foot of the bed to hold linens, pillows, soaps, incense, candles. They can be used in your living room and even double as coffee tables. Trunks can make interesting and efficient entrance furniture pieces as well. When choosing the style of your Mexican trunk, you want to of course consider the feel and overall style of your Mexican home. Our artisans can apply a variety of finishes. Trunks can be finished in Cottage style in bright colors and faded paint. They can be finished in Hacienda style, in which perhaps we incorporate some reclaimed woods and reclaimed iron details. They can also be rustic in their style. And finally, they can even be more contemporary if designed, for example, with a black lacquer finish and streamlined metal accents.

If you are like me and trunks tend to fire up your imagination, be sure to say yes to the possibilities by allowing our artisans to delight you when they design gorgeous trunks for your Mexican home.

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