Mexico Travel: The Hacienda Route

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Did you know that in Mexico there is such a thing as The Hacienda Route? Doesn't it sound like an adventurous, romantic, exciting idea for traveling through Mexico? I actually found out through our friends at Yucatan Living. As it turns out, the Hacienda Route is a tour or series of tours in which you can visit many of the stunningly beautiful Haciendas in the Yucatan. As you know, we love the whole hacienda style, look and feel.  We have put together an entire furniture package in celebration of Mexican haciendas.  So when planning your next visit to Mexico’s Yucatan, or more specifically Merida, be sure to look up one or more of these amazing haciendas. We thoroughly welcome any furniture photos you can share with us … as well as perhaps a chance to custom build some of the those lovely hacienda furniture pieces just for you! 

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