What inspires our Hacienda Mexican Furniture Collection?

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Here’s  a great video which captures wonderfully the inspiration for our Hacienda Furniture Collection. As you watch it, you will feel like you have gone back in time; however, this hacienda is alive and thriving in Mexico, 45 km from Merida by car.  This is unusual, as most of Mexico’s haciendas have now been abandoned and are no longer in operation.  On the early portion of the video you will be able to see the colonial architecture we so love in Mexico, as well as examples of Hacienda furniture pieces, wrought iron and lovely Mexican tile floors. The video’s rhythm and music remind me of the pace of Mexico and of the wonderful artisanal gifts of the country. Mexican furniture, Mexican art, Mexican gardening, and even the manufacture of rope, as evidenced here … rely on the special touch of master artisans and craftsmen. We hope you enjoy this virtual visit to this live Yucatecan hacienda. Thanks to our friends at Yucatan Living for bringing to our attention this remarkable place. 


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