The Shoeshine Artisan

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When you travel in Mexico, you come to realize not only that Mexico has many great artisans, but that Mexico overall is an artisan culture.

Throughout this great country, you see how a large portion of the population fends for themselves as small businesses. They do this through their enterprise, their ingenuity, and many times above all through their skill and attention to craft. 


For me, true craftsmanship is a blend of skill, knowledge and presence in the work. You see this in all kinds of artisanal craft, whether the expertise is woodworking, rattan, wrought iron, or other skills.

One day on our recent trip, this all was brought home in one small concentrated example while visiting the town square in the village of Atlixco. We ran across this artisan of shining shoes. Never a more present and attentive service of this kind have I experienced.

And never a more beautifully shined pair of shoes. 

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