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Just back from Mexico

I returned from Mexico a week ago. Not sure if the same thing happens to you, but I was again amazed at the beauty of communal life in Mexico: Village Life. The sum total of experiences that revolve around people, around the markets, around artisanal work, around taking pride in the preparation of food, the sharing with friends, the walks to and from the mercado or the church. This kind of slower pace and more connected and "in-tune" perspective is so very Mexico. There is hardly any need (or point) to being in a rush when you are in Mexico. The experience changes you. So in this blog post I want to pay homage to a piece of furniture evocative of slowing down and enjoying life. I'm talking about the antique bench.


A Mexican Reclaimed Wood Story

Here's a little story: During a prior trip to Mexico a few years back, we had a chance to visit a huge reclaimed wood workshop. I felt the way Charlie must have felt in the Chocolate Factory. I mean there were all manner of antique, discarded, dilapidated and reclaimed objects all over this factory. If a church or building in Mexico goes into disrepair, these wood artisans purchase or claim the old wood and they use it, sustainably, in other newer pieces of furniture. It is nice to know that nothing, or very little, goes unused. Ever since that visit, I have had "a thing" for reclaimed wood in other pieces of furniture and we have incorporated this in many of our dining room tables, benches and other pieces.


The Allure of Reclaimed Wood in Mexico Furniture

Reclaimed wood adds a beautiful look and feel to furniture. It adds elegance, mystery, character. It also, actually makes the piece less vulnerable to pests and weather. It strengthens it. However, here's the trick: the reclaimed wood pieces must be used sparingly so that the new furniture item can be, as a whole, of great quality. Often, it happens that in Mexico old church benches are reclaimed or re-invented using other woods, using color, or adding wrought iron details. An old church confessional can become part of an ornate entertainment center. A church pew can become a reclaimed bench. Leave it to the artisan's imagination -- we've seen some amazing and interesting things when visiting Mexican artisan workshops. When these benches find their way into your Mexican outdoor patio, into your Mexico living room or bedroom, they add so very much to your decor. They are immensely appealing, as if they had stories to tell ... and they probably do! But, even if they didn't have stories to share, in and of themselves, Mexican reclaimed benches are wonderful -- they invite us to sit, stay a while, maybe daydream a little, certainly take a break and consider a new perspective.


Our Mexico reclaimed wood pieces are great conversation pieces, and so much more. They are amazing finds around which to build your Mexican dream home. Here are some possibilities:


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