Planning to retire in Mexico one day, what about furniture?

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If you are reading this blog, chances are you have felt the "call" of Mexico. You may plan to travel to Mexico soon, or perhaps expect to be moving there. Perhaps your plan is to establish an investment property in Mexico and you need to furnish it right now. But not for yourself, rather for your tenants.  Some of our clients begin their moving to Mexico process quite early. It is wise to do so. They visit, they decide on a place they love, they purchase a property. This gives them a place to vacation throughout the year. The rest of the time they rent the property, earning money on their investment.  When it comes time for them to retire, they move to Mexico permanently.  This approach has many benefits but also some challenges. Some of the challenges have to do with furnishing a home as a landlord, managing the property and then getting it ready for you and your family to move in when the time comes.

How to furnish an investment property in Mexico until you reach retirement

While you get to retire permanently, your friends, family or tenants may have use your space. You can manage the process yourself, or your property management can offer these services. For a rental and investment property your furniture should be simple (so that renters can see themselves in the property.) Furniture should be durable and appealing. It should also be comfortable and meticulously clean. It should look like a hotel but feel comfy and relaxing. The beds should be the center of attention: very comfortable with firm yet extremely comfortable mattresses. The beds and bedrooms need to look beautiful and inviting. The bed should be the "wow." 

Take inspiration from the area and bring local Mexican touches into the décor

Honor the area and the nature around you. Is the main attraction the beach, if so, make the views the center of attention, decorate with a blue-green-white palette accented with bright splashes of color. Is the property a horse ranch, hacienda or renovated colonial home? Then use more earthy tones and art and sculpture that help celebrate the environment and the area. Is the place renowned for tequila, or hammocks, or old Spanish missions? Bring some of those details into your Mexican home to help make the property more memorable … and more Instagrammable! People talk and share. Social media is the new marketing.

What to do once you’re ready to retire in Mexico for good? A few ideas

When you are ready to retire to Mexico, visit your property and determine what it needs to be able to become your permanent home. Are the furnishings in a style that help you feel special, comfortable and relaxed? If not, no need to stress. You can make a list of priorities. Perhaps you keep the guest bedrooms for now but you want to begin to transform the Main Bedroom and the living room for yourself. Remember why you decided to purchase the home in the first place. What do you truly love about the area, the beauty, the history, the memories you’ve had there? Begin to incorporate personal touches in your décor now that this will be your forever home. Even though you are retired, perhaps now you want to use one of the bedrooms as your office or writing or reading room.

Be patient, take your time and do not worry. You will eventually make your Mexican property into that oasis of rest, relaxation, adventure and fun which you first envisioned. We are happy to be your partners and your resource in that endeavor.

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