Whether for furniture or for relaxing, Mexico is always a great destination

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As you might imagine, we’ve traveled to Mexico a lot in the last 15 years. Some of our visits to Mexico have been more relaxing than others. The month we spent in San Miguel de Allende was mostly about rest, relaxation and enjoyment of the culture. That was an unforgettable, exciting, beautiful visit. Many other trips to Mexico have been about a jam-packed agenda, many meetings and multiple cities in one trip.  … dealing with lots of traffic, lots of visits to artisan workshops, fabric suppliers, delivery companies. We try to manage to at least fit in a date night or two, but for the most part when it’s a business trip we work, work, work. During the intense business trips, some of the fun comes from the great people we meet and the great furniture we get to see.

All Mexican furniture is not created equal and some may surprise you

Here are some examples of furniture surprises we have found during our travels through Mexico. Some are more traditional, some are more whimsical. In my opinion, all are delightful.



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