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At the turn of a new year, I get excited to find out what the new interior design and furniture trends will be. I'm not sure if it is because by that time most of the USA is parched for color, for the flowers and the birds to return with the spring, or simply because I love perusing the changes, the trends, and what it could mean about our societies. For me, color, design and new style trends are some of the most fun aspects of owning Gringo Furniture. Other than the chance to travel to Mexico, that is, but for obvious reasons that opportunity has been severely curtailed this past year. For this post, I researched both United States and Mexico trends and they are extremely similar. Here are some of my findings:

Here are 7 furniture, interior design and decor trends in 2021 for your Mexico dream home

Comfort is key in the design of our homes in 2021

Furniture and design in 2021 are not so much about pared down, industrial, hyper modern spaces but now that we are doing everything from home and spending more time there, furniture must be comfortable above all else. Instead of angular, straight lines we now find architectural design with arches (perfect for hacienda furniture). We also find furniture with curves and soft plush surfaces instead of sleeker, more angular pieces. Curves are in!

Natural finishes in furniture and home design take center stage this year

Organic sustainable natural design and ecology are extremely important in 2021. Furniture in natural finishes and natural or light woods make a strong appearance this year. They speak to the fact that since we are spending more time at home, we want our homes to feel more like nature, with more natural textures and finishes. The Shabby Chic trend -- we call it Cottage -- is still strong this year, with emphasis on nature, chipped paint, pieces that have withstood the test of time and that look natural, relaxed. Pieces that help us feel that way, as well. 

Live green house plants are definitely in during 2021

The notion of home as sanctuary has never been more accurate than right now during the pandemic. We have known forever that plants help our homes feel more comfortable, that they help purify the air, remove chemicals, increase our sense of wellbeing, and that they add gorgeous texture to our interior spaces. In 2021, natural plants are in vogue, improving the decor and livability of our homes. Hurray!

Bright colors in small spaces help us feel joy

Given the year we have all just had and the many changes we have had to deal with, it stands to reason that we want to look at colors that make us happy, that bring joy, as Marie Kondo would say. Hence, bright colors have made a comeback and are here to stay. Not just in pops of color but also in small spaces such as nooks, ofices and bathrooms. Pantone's color of the year is actually 2 colors: a bright, joyful yellow and a light gray. Certainly a fun palette to explore.

Global influences in design and decor help us to armchair travel

It makes a lot of sense that our limited ability to travel in 2020 will now make us want to bring accents reminiscent of far away places into our homes. International and global influences in furniture, decorative accents, wallpapers, and even furniture pieces bring the world to us: chinoiserie, safari themes, Moroccan accents and the like will help quell (somewhat) our desire and need for travel.

Maximalism makes a comeback during 2021

This trend was a surprise to me but it also makes all the sense in the world. Since we have been sleeping, relaxing, working, exercising, studying, dining, running our businesses and doing pretty much everything in our homes, minimalism begins to go out the door and now maximalism takes center stage. We want and need things to make us feel comfortable, happy and effective. A minimalist home would need to work extremely hard to be able to accommodate all of these functions (and family members.) Maximalism is in; minimalism begins to be out. 

Patios and other outdoor spaces become multifunctional

Since during the pandemic the only way to entertain at all was outdoors, home owners and renters are looking to their outdoor spaces with fresh eyes. These outdoor spaces become extensions of the home and able to accommodate a variety of functions that may have all happened indoors, before the pandemic. This year brings a great opportunity to rethink the comfort, the seating capabilities and the multi functionality of your outdoor rooms.

How do I apply the new trends to my property in Mexico?

I hope you find the fun in exploring these new trends, as I do. There are easy ways to begin to include these trends in the furnishing and decor of your Mexican properties. You can begin with small changes or with a few pieces to help you update the look of your Mexican home or rental property and see how you like it, then continue if it feels great. We would be happy to be a resource and partner in that endeavor!



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