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Mexicans love the holidays! In December, the whole country is one big feast. If you are traveling to Mexico this month, or will be spending time in your Mexico condo or vacation property, you are in for a real treat. Mexican culture and hospitality are at their very best this month. Here are some ideas to help you join in the celebrations – a-la Mexicana … the Mexican Way; as well as furniture pieces which help you entertain in style and accommodate last-minute guests. From December 2 through December 12, Mexicans celebrate their patron S...
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Every year, Mexico hums with excitement, emotion and colorful displays as it celebrates Day of the Dead. In the US and Canada, we are sometimes aware of the custom if we perchance visit Mexico in late October or early November. To the passerby this tradition may seem a bit strange when first encountered, but it is a beautiful feast of love, appreciation, communal healing ... in fact it's the ultimate celebration of life. Mexican Day of the Dead is celebrated the first 2 days of November, but the atmosphere, preparations and shopping begin 2...
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Decorating your Mexican home or Mexico vacation rental can be a daunting process, especially if you live in Canada or the United States and you have limited time to spend in Mexico. You want to maximize your time in Mexico, not be stuck in traffic or going from store to store, or trying to find a way to ship furniture to your Mexico home, and worrying through the entire process because you’ve never furnished a home in Mexico before. In order to get an idea about your preferences and budget, you can start by looking through our furniture styles....
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Today, all of Mexico celebrates its Bicentennial. Most businesses are closed today and tomorrow, and a number of exhibits and commemorative events are taking place from Cabo San Lucas to Ajijic, to Huatulco. Our friends in Guadalajara and Lake Chapala report that Mexico’s small town plazas have been hosting music, dance and processions for many days. Mexican school children are taking part in parades, and it is fiesta time in Mexico. The best Mexican restaurants have prepared unique delicious commemorative menus. To all our Mexican furnitur...
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In her essay “A Room of One’s Own,” Virginia Woolf advises women to first make sure they have a room of their own before setting out on a writing career. She is referring to having some financial means, some self-reliance in case your views, your work rubs others the wrong way and lands you in the street! When choosing furniture for your Mexican condo, villa or vacation home, it is also good and to remember Ms. Woolf’s advice. Why not ensure you create for yourself a room of one’s own in Mexico? After all, we travel to Mexico for relaxation,...
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It was a beautiful day in Chicago and I did not want to deal with traffic or parking, so I took the train to the city to attend NeoCon, a huge furniture trade show. The show was at Chicago’s wonderful (and gigantic) Merchandise Mart, and it featured an impressive array of the newest and brightest in contract furniture, fabrics and designs. I wanted to be sure to cover it for you, our Gringo customers. Always searching for inspiration and new design ideas to incorporate into our Mexican furniture designs or in our work with you in helping you ...
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Sometimes our customers have a tough time deciding whether or not a package is the best way for them to go. We get it – with so many decisions to make day in and day out, it’s appealing to make one decision for furnishing your Mexico home. Still, you want to make sure it’s a good decision for you. As they say in St. Lucia (we were just there for a wedding) … “no pressure no problem”. Whatever you decide, we are happy to work with you and help you make the best choice. We should mention, however, that our furniture packages are the most cost-e...
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Hello, Everyone. I just came across this list of questions. The blog's author suggests Mexico future Expats or future Mexico retirees should ask themselves these questions. The list certainly brought a smile to my face. I'm hoping it does the same for you ... a little humor for your day. If interested, here's the link. Here's wishing you some hearty laughs!      
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We're just back from the Caribbean where we attended a family wedding. During the trip, we had a chance to experience firsthand what creating a beautiful indoor environment with great furniture is all about. First off, a comment about the use of color in Caribbean furniture and architecture. Just as in many places in Mexico, in St. Lucia we found bright colors… refreshing, vibrant, spectacular! At nearly every bend in the road we were met with sweet surprises … houses and furnishings painted in Beach Cottage style – white, turquoise, lime green...
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A few days back we were very happy to hear that Mexican colonial homes in Merida are selling quite actively again. This is wonderful news because it means people are taking advantage of the great opportunity and prices available right now. It is also wonderful because it means people are not succumbing to the fear and the media hype and instead they are following their own instincts about Mexico. This is a great time to buy in Mexico. The tide is already turning again on the Mexican real estate market and there are amazing deals to be had. We w...
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