Mexican Beach Cottage Furniture Ideal for Creating a Room of One’s Own in Mexico

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In her essay “A Room of One’s Own,” Virginia Woolf advises women to first make sure they have a room of their own before setting out on a writing career. She is referring to having some financial means, some self-reliance in case your views, your work rubs others the wrong way and lands you in the street! When choosing furniture for your Mexican condo, villa or vacation home, it is also good and to remember Ms. Woolf’s advice. Why not ensure you create for yourself a room of one’s own in Mexico? After all, we travel to Mexico for relaxation, inspiration, fun. We want to be present with our friends, our guests, our families … why not take care of ourselves first, so we can then be there more fully for everyone else?

Now I will add my own small piece of advice: Mexican Beach Cottage Furniture is absolutely perfect for building your Mexico room of your own! Think of it: those charming colors, simple lines, lovely antique stains and finishes … wouldn’t you just feel relaxed stepping into a space furnished with these friendly pieces of furniture? Knowing it is your private space and nobody else’s? Exactly! So as you plan and envision your Mexican dream home … as you plan the living room, the guest bedrooms, the outdoor furniture, remember to carve out a space just for you, a room of your own. A beautifully furnished Mexican room in which to write, dream, find inspiration, catch up on your reading, practice your Spanish, browse magazines, listen to music, and yes, take a beauty-nap!

Here are some ideas to help you begin to envision your Mexican room of your own. How about getting started with one or more of the following pieces in Beach Cottage style?

A desk, custom designed to store your favorite stationery and Mexican postcards … and to encourage you to keep alive the lost art of letter-writing.

A console on which to display or store special Mexico photos, sea shells, found objects and fondest memories.

A tea or coffee table around which to sit with a friend, daughter or granddaughter and plan future discoveries and adventures in Mexico.

A book case featuring your favorite books, or those classics you have been meaning to read or re-read now that you own a home in Mexico.

A dresser in front of which to get ready for that special evening out … in your own room, in your own time … so you can surprise that special someone with the way you look before heading out on a balmy beautiful Mexican evening.

Please remember that we can stain many of our Mexican wood furniture pieces in Beach Cottage style.

Check this link for another take on how to procure a room of one's own.

So you see? I do love Beach Cottage furniture, especially for Mexico. So many possibilities!

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