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Gringo Furniture Moving to Mexico Blog post

So you are moving to Mexico -- very exciting. What for many is still a dream, a bucket list item, you are already doing. Congratulations! The reality, once the move dawns on you is that Mexico is, well, different. That’s partly why we like traveling there, eating the food, buying the furniture. It IS different! So what must you do to get ready? A little reading, a little learning, a lot of flexibility and good planning are key.

When it comes to your home or condo in Mexico, give yourself ample time to consider the furniture, the ambiance and the style of furniture you wish to have in your Mexican property. Many condos come with furniture package options, but these packages are often priced really high and the properties (in my humble opinion) end up looking quite “cookie-cutter" with these packages. Not ideal if you want to rent your condo and want it to have memorable, unique appeal.

In order to have us help you furnish you Mexican home or condo, you need to plan ahead. Since our furniture is not sitting in a warehouse but rather made by hand just for you, we need usually 8 weeks to make and deliver your furniture pieces. Most of our customers start by working back from the date they take possession of their Mexican home or condo, and they allow 12 weeks to have the furniture built, packaged and delivered. So it is really important to contact us as early as you can and have us put together some ideas for you, or send us photos of things you like.

It is also a good idea and a fun thing to do to take our Mexican furniture style quiz. Some customers go with the basics, while others take advantage of a one- time shipment to get everything they need for their Mexican home: bedroom furniture, outdoor furniture, living room pieces and even accessories to complement the furniture. It depends on your needs, wants and budget.

Here are a few more suggestions:

Read a good book on moving to Mexico. We really like: The Best How-to Book on Moving to Mexico

Learn at least a tiny bit of Spanish.

Make a list of must haves, must do's and nice to haves for your new home in Mexico. Dare to dream. Visualize how you want your furniture to look and your Mexican home to feel. Are you partial to:

  • Mexican hacienda style
  • Southwestern furniture and decor
  • Beach cottage atmosphere
  • Do you want a more contemporary Mexican furniture look?

We can help you with all of these as long as we have the time. Most importantly, every step of the way choose to be excited rather than overwhelmed. Chances are the really tough decisions are already made. Many of our customers tell us how excited they are to see the furniture. And why not? It is an exciting time when you start fresh in a new location. When we hear this, it is music to our ears. Good planning makes a huge difference when you are moving to Mexico.

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