Spring is for sprucing up. New cushions for your Mexican sofa?

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Whether you are in Mexico, the US or Canada, this is the time to de-clutter, to bring in color, to spruce up your Mexico decoration and your furniture ... perhaps the time to get new cushions for that Mexican sofa! Customers often ask us if we can make new cushions for their sofas. Truth is, unless you already own one of our super comfortable slip cover sofas, it is not so easy to make just replacement cushions for your sofa in Mexico.

If you already own a Mexican slipcover sofa from Gringo furniture, we can make another cover for you, no problem. In fact some customers order 2 covers with their sofa from the start -- off white and denim ... especially handy if you rent your home in Mexico part of the time.

But, if your sofa is not one of our slip cover sofas, then it gets tricky. Even when you think you are measuring exactly and carefully, errors can and do creep into the calculations. That said, I've found a very helpful video to help you measure your Mexican sofa as closely as possible.


Another option for sprucing up your Mexican home decor is to purchase new colorful throws and accent pillows in bright Mexican colors. These decorative touches can and do help your Mexican living room look vibrant, fresh. I often completely change the color scheme in my living room in fall and spring. Since our living room furniture is off white, this works quite well. In fall and winter, we accent with bright, jewel-tone pillows and throws. In spring and summer, I opt for pillows in turquoise, pinks, greens with lightly woven throws to help pull the look together.

If you still want to take the chance with replacement cushions:

* Measure really well -- please watch video.
* Plan in advance -- a few months in advance, please.
* Be flexible and practical -- fabric choices may be limited in Mexico and you may not be able to get exactly what you saw in Canada or the US.

Best wishes for a beautiful spring!

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