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Sometimes you hear the name of a place and it stays with you, almost in a haunting, persistent way. For me, one of those places is Akumal, Mexico. I have a sense of Akumal as a haven for American and Canadian expats, particularly those of a kindred persuasion to nature, conservation and ecology. It doesn’t surprise me because the name “Akumal” means “place of turtles” in ancient Mayan. These namesake turtle are actually green sea turtles and their populations thrive in the gorgeous waters of this area.

Our Gringo Furniture artisans have made beautiful furniture for homes and condos in Akumal in recent years. Our Akumal clients are among our luckiest clients. Not only because they found us, but also because they get to vacation and live in Akumal. Living in such a place must definitely begin to change you. The beauty of the land, the abundance of underwater color and life, the slower pace of life which allows for introspection and enjoyment, all of it must sooner or later result in positive transformation. In terms of our Gringo Furniture offerings, Akumal lends itself beautifully to our contemporary and mid-century furniture collections. The beauty and ecology of the place gets highlighted when you choose sleek, blonde woods and clean smooth finishes. Of course your new Mexican bedrooms, living room and dining room have to -- first and foremost -- look and feel amazing to you, and thus we work with your favorite style and your vision for your space. But when it comes to Akumal, less is definitely more. Pared down design and simplicity are the way to go. We suggest furniture pieces that will help you streamline the look and feel of your home and highlight the area’s amazing surroundings.

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