Merida Colonial Homes are Selling!

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A few days back we were very happy to hear that Mexican colonial homes in Merida are selling quite actively again. This is wonderful news because it means people are taking advantage of the great opportunity and prices available right now. It is also wonderful because it means people are not succumbing to the fear and the media hype and instead they are following their own instincts about Mexico. This is a great time to buy in Mexico. The tide is already turning again on the Mexican real estate market and there are amazing deals to be had. We were very impressed with Merida when we were there a few months ago. Some of Merida's colonial homes feature beautiful examples of Gringo Furniture decor, in fact some customers have chosen to decorate their beautiful colonials almost entirely with pieces from Gringo Furniture. Here's a short article about Merida I wrote.

Merida Homes are Selling Mexico

Recently one of our favorite TV shows, "House Hunters International" featured Merida on a program. I just found out yesterday that they have another new show on Merida slated to air next month. Their original program seems to have attracted lots of interest in Merida colonial homes and has had an impact on Merida home sales. Here's the show description and next air times.


Congratulations to all the lucky new home owners in Merida! We have seen some amazing examples of refurbished homes by local Merida architects. Their work, inspiration, use of materials, light and space is breathtaking. You are all in very good hands! Gringo Furniture has some beautiful collections and furniture pieces perfectly suited for Merida colonials. Please keep us in mind as you envision your life and your Mexican dream home in Merida.

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