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Ah, colorful Mexico!

I am on board my flight and we take off from Mexico City’s Benito Juarez Airport. It is the dry season, so sadly the smoke from agricultural fires and the haze of pollution limit visibility quite a bit. Once the plane begins to lift, I notice (in spite of the poor visibility) the plethora of bright colors below, not just in the flowering jacaranda trees, radiantly purple and bright, but also in the shops, homes, public buildings. In this land of beautiful contrasts, lovely art and amazing natural gifts, even the most basic buildings are painted in bright colors. Bright blue, yellow, green, pink, red, turquoise. In Mexico, color is a way of life. Color greets us, nudges us, coaxes us and delights us as we visit Mexico.

Color is everywhere in Mexico and not just in furniture

Just think of the colorful array of spices at the San Juan de Dios Market in Guadalajara, or the bugambilias in full bloom in the central square in Puebla. Think of the lovely colorful combinations in Huichol art and the exquisite embroidery in the gorgeous huipiles (Frida made them famous) women wear. Isn’t it inspiring and cheerful? I know that once this airplane lands I will be once again surrounded by snow … for a little while yet. Maybe this is why the colorful images stay with me … I may need them in a few more weeks when I once again become completely parched for bright color.

Why we love bright color in Mexican furniture and decor

When furnishing your home or condo in Mexico, one of the most fun ways to add pizzazz to your interior design is by choosing one or more pieces of furniture to be painted in bright colors. This is partly why I love our Cottage furniture line. These pieces are happy, fun accents for your Mexican home décor. Another way to bring bright color in and celebrate that you are in fact now living in Mexico is to use colorful Mexican art, pillows or blankets in your interior design. You can still create a relaxing, organic, natural and even sophisticated feel in your Mexican home with the large pieces of furniture. But to give it some local allure and character, accent with bright color. That way you are tilting your hat, so to speak, to all that is joyous and colorful and lovely and inviting in Mexico. For other ideas, see our previous blog post featuring cottage furniture for Mexico.

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