Setting Up a Great Guest Bedroom with Mexican Furniture

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Gringo Furniture Blog Post Jan 2013

Last year a record number of friends and family came to see us and stayed with us. It was wonderful to have a chance to catch up, share meals, show them around and reconnect in a relaxed and cozy environment rather than in a hotel, for example. We gave lots of thought to the needs, wants and wishes of each house guest in order to make sure they were comfortable and at ease. We know how amazing it can be to have a restful and nourishing place to land especially when one is traveling and away from home.

Certain Mexican furniture pieces are ideal to help make your guests be more comfortable

The rich beautiful woods, finishes and textures in Mexican furniture immediately help people feel cozy and at home. For the most part, Mexican furniture tends to be warm and inviting. But there are a number of pieces that can help make your guests feel not just at home but really well taken care of. Pieces of furniture that tell your guests their comfort is important to you. In Mexico, one of these pieces is the armoire. Many Mexican homes or properties do not have closet space. Especially in traditional Mexican haciendas, or colonial homes, closet space is a rarity. Armoires then become necessary as they allow your guests to not just fold but also hang up their clothes, get organized and feel more settled right away. Also, a great Mexican armoire can be the focal point of your guest bedroom, allowing you to leave additional towels, blankets and maybe even a few essential toiletries for your guests ... while keeping everything organized.

The other Mexican furniture piece with sweet potential for welcoming your guests is the night table. Our night tables have diverse personalities from Cottage to Mission Style to Zen. In some ways they are extensions of the bed. The opportunity here is to use the night stand to leave something special for your guest. Maybe a nice bottle of water, a small vase with a few flowers, a small container of chocolates, or even one or two children's books. The third piece of Mexican furniture I love for guest bedrooms is the chest or trunk. It adds a touch of mystique and adventure, lets you store additional pillows, maybe a teddy bear, and you can even place lavender bottles or drawer liners inside to make sure everything is beautifully and freshly scented for your guests.

Gringo Furniture bedroom

A great guest bedroom is the perfect canvas for showing your friends and your family how much they matter to you, how much you care. Mexican furniture pieces can help you make this statement with additional warmth, beauty and unique details.

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