Should you choose a furniture package with your Mexican beach condo?

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Contemporary bedroom Mexico Gringo FurnitureWhen it comes to furnishing your Mexican condo or vacation property, you are often faced with the all-inclusive furniture package offer. How do you make the best decision for you and your family? Here are some pros and cons:


Is it easier to say yes to the Mexico developer's furniture package?

It may seem an easy choice to tell your agent or condo developer, "Yes, sure, we'll take the furniture package too." However, you will still need to decide on the specific pieces you want and don't want, and likely, negotiate the best deal. Also, unless the developer has arranged to purchase lots of inventory in advance (very unlikely), you will need to wait for the furniture to be procured, or at least adapted to your colors and specifications. In Mexico, depending on the time of year, this could take 8-10 weeks.


Yes, it is important for your Mexican beach condo furniture to ooze character

If you were to choose the furniture package from your developer, you could end up with a nice, pulled together Mexican condo, but what about renter appeal? What about incorporating your own style, preferences and creative touches? For example, one of our Huatulco customers called to tell us how happy they were with their Gringo Furniture custom made pieces -- among them was a gorgeous entertainment center made with reclaimed pine and wrought iron. The customer told us that prospective renters were stopping by to compliment them on the furniture and decor and asking if they were planning to rent their unit. The prospects were hoping to stay in THIS condo next time they vacationed in Mexico. Why? Because unique touches and special atmosphere matter a lot to renters and sometimes are the exact reason why you are able to rent your unit while your neighbor does not.


Mexican condo furniture packages current trends

Nowadays, condo packages in Mexico are rather homogeneous: the furniture is chocolate color, it's made of MDF because this material is cheaper (it is NOT solid wood) and MDF tends to do well in Mexico's coastal areas. We also see lots of faux leather and faux suede. As Seinfeld used to say, "Not that there's anything wrong with that," it really depends on your taste and preferences. I don't have a problem with chocolate finishes or MDF, or faux leather or suede. I do; however, prefer incorporating Mexico in Mexican furnishings, and frankly, I prefer a more eclectic look. I like reclaimed pine. I like natural fabric weaves, wrought iron and traditional character. I like unique spaces, pops of color and the chance to help our clients create just that. 


Are the savings really there in your developers Mexico beach condo packages?

You may think you are saving on delivery because the furniture is being purchased on site. This may not be the case. Shipping and handling will probably be part of your package price already. The furniture will need to get made and delivered. The price of the furniture will likely already have interior design, shipping, handling and insurance or commissions built into it.


Price out your Mexican furniture choices carefully, and at the very least add a few unique charming pieces

So yes, there is a place for choosing the builder's furniture package with your Mexico condo. If you negotiate well, you may be able to get exactly what you want for the price you want, and you may even get it quickly -- this is true especially if you decide to save time and minimize decisions by purchasing a model unit, fully furnished.


The Gringo Furniture Advantage?

Our customers come to us because they want to have an active say in the look, feel, and character of their Mexico condo, Mexican home or Mexico vacation property. We have helped many customers furnish condos in the contemporary style most associated with Mexico beach condo developments. When you work with us, we take care of all the logistics, you save money, you have a say on everything you are getting, we consolidate all the artisans work so you get one delivery, and you have a chance to be different -- impressing potential renters with a unique environment and unique furnishings ... and in the process creating an oasis for yourself in your Mexican dream home.


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