Choosing your style of Mexican furniture

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This morning I have been contemplating the many changes we have observed over the past ten years in Mexican style and furniture design. Ten years ago, most of our clients wanted our help to furnish their homes in Mexico using Mexican rustic furniture. I still remember fondly one of our very first clients, a delightful couple with 2 children who had purchased a home in Mexico for 30,000 US. They were planning to vacation there several times a year and rent it the rest of the time. We helped them completely furnish their home at that time for 3,000 US dollars.

How Mexican furniture styles and preferences are changing

Since then, we have seen a veritable dance of styles, preferences and requests. Several years ago most of our clients were partial to Spanish Colonial or Hacienda type furniture. There was something about the leather, the solidity, the carvings and the rich deep chocolate hues that appealed to most of our customers. Most recently, we see clients interested in modern Mexican furniture, a more sparse, almost Danish design in its simplicity. We call it at times Mid-century modern but there’s now a very contemporary and minimalist style also present in the mix.

Could choices in furniture styles in Mexico be a result of tech overload?

I believe that the recent interest in more contemporary furniture styles in Mexico is an extension of the need to simplify, pare things down (a la Marie Kondo) and achieve a sense of relief from the huge amount of information coming at us in this social media and hyper technological age. I suppose some of us react to the pressures of daily life it by wanting to simplify. Others of us react by wanting warmth and bright colors in our environments (rustic furniture), and others yet react by needing grounding and solidity, which the Hacienda styles of Mexican furniture provide so well.

Deciding how to furnish your home in Mexico

Your style of furniture and décor in Mexico doesn’t have to be the same as in your other home(s). Sometimes it’s oh so refreshing to do something completely different. Other times it is soothing to have a similar style. It is entirely up to you. Whether it is minimalist contemporary spaciousness, or rustic furniture for its earthy and economical appeal, or colonial / hacienda larger than life furniture you envision in your Mexican home or investment property, we are here to help you explore and refine your vision … and to bring it to life with the help of our wonderful artisans.

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