How to Create a Great Mexican Living Room

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Owning a condo or rental property in Mexico can be a great opportunity to recreate what you love in your home in Canada or the US, or perhaps, better yet, to do things differently!  Some of us like a home that can be cozy and warm and then, for example a lake or coastal property that is minimalist, all white for example, to invite simplicity and to help us feel that we are "off the grid" or on vacation as soon as we arrive. However you decide to approach it, these tips and tricks can help you create a wonderful living room in Mexico.

If you have a view, flaunt it!

Not to sound like Ulla in "The Producers," but if your view is extraordinary, whether it’s a Mexican hacienda or a condo overlooking the sea of Cortez in Los Cabos, the view should be featured prominently as you furnish your living room. The seating areas should face the view or at the very least not be in the way of the view.

Your Mexican living room should be a reflection of you

The space should in some ways be a statement of who you are, your hobbies, values, favorite color palettes and it should feel comfortable. You don’t want your family members and guests to feel like it’s too much like a magazine or a museum. You want them to be able to enjoy it and to relax. YOU want to be able to enjoy it and relax.  

Choosing a great sofa for your Mexican living room

Your sofa choice should work for you and also for your guests. How do you intend to use your living room? Is it to relax, to entertain, to conduct some business, to entice renters, or all of the above? Consider your family and your guests before deciding on the style of sofa. Should it have some structure? Should it be sink-in comfortable? Should it invite conversation rather than just vegging out?

Give some attention to your living room floors

Generally speaking, floors should be a little darker than your walls. This anchors the energy of the room and immediately allows for a pleasing, calming effect. You can also achieve this with area rugs. If you will use area rugs, make sure they are ample enough for the space you want to delineate. Too often we see area rugs that are too small for the spaces they live in.

Colorful decorative details can make a big difference

In order to bring color into your living room, assemble small collections or vignettes of objects you love or which reflect who you are, or the beauty of the area. These can be bright pillows and blankets, pottery, and other objects that tie together the atmosphere of your living room with the general area your property inhabits. Decorative items are a great way to bring Mexico or nature into your space.

Keep your Mexican living room flexible and alive

Finally, keep in mind that you are ever changing and ever evolving. Your circumstances, likes and dislikes and yes, your taste, will change. Your living room, as an extension of your life will also change. Stay flexible and allow it to change and become updated over the years. The idea is for you to be able to relax and smile when you see your Mexican living room. It should be that inviting and that pleasing to your senses. And above all, enjoy the process!

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