Not so much about Mexican furniture

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On a recent Sunday in Mexico, on a whim, we decided to go to the park. And wow, it proved to be a great decision because we really had no idea all the wonderful surprises that were in store for us. One of the most amazing ones was seeing the park come alive with people young and old .... together .... celebrating life. A Japanese garden, children painting the littlest sweetest furniture pieces, dancers performing, ice cream and popcorn vendors, toddlers running around, young lovers holding hands,  ... you get the picture. Whether at a park or at the town square, spending a Sundays in Mexico is an occasion filled with new experiences, sights, smells, sounds and delights that are not to be missed. It is true that ultimately one only gets to know a country by experiencing life like the locals experience it. For that reason, on your next visit to Mexico I encourage you to find the "plaza," find the church, find the market ... or find the park. And if it happens to be on a Sunday, all the better! 




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