Mexico's Independence Day

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Mexico's Independence Day Blog Post

Today, all of Mexico celebrates its Independence. Most businesses are closed today and tomorrow, and a number of exhibits and commemorative events are taking place from Akumal to Ajijic, to Cabo San Lucas. We just know that small town plazas throughout all of Mexico are hosting music, dance and processions today. Mexican school children are all decked out taking part in parades, and it is fiesta time in Mexico. The best Mexican restaurants have probably prepared unique delicious commemorative menus. Today is the commemoration of the "Grito" -- the "scream" of Independence. The entire country will be adorned with flowers, decorations and ornaments in the colors of the Mexican flag.

To all our Mexican furniture artisans, friends, suppliers and furniture makers, we say “Thank you, and Feliz Dia de la Independencia!”

On a day like today in 1810, Mexico began fighting for its Independence. At the helm of the movement were Father Miguel Hidalgo and General Ignacio Allende. The struggle would last 11 years, until in 1821 Mexico becomes an independent country.

For us at Gringo Furniture, this is a reminder of how much we in fact do have to be grateful for and to celebrate today. For example, the way Mexico inspires us with its colors and designs, its amazing furniture, its warmth, the kindness of its people. The wonderful friendships we have built with Mexican families, expats living in Mexico, and service-oriented, caring folks. The openness in our minds and hearts that happens every time we visit Mexico. The many opportunities to build, give back and relate … with which Mexico and the Mexican people welcome us time and time again.

Happy Independence Day, dear beautiful Mexico!

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