The Amazing World of Mexican Food Markets

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I don’t know about you but I truly love outdoor markets. Such a beautiful array of foods, spices, flowers, people, herbs, vegetables and fruits … and the hubbub and pulse of a place and its people. They go by many names: Mercado de artesanias (handicrafts), flea market, farmers markets … I love them all.  In Canada and the US, most of these markets are seasonal, open from early to late summer. In Mexico, most of them are open year-round. Here are a few of our favorite Mexican market experiences.

In San Miguel de Allende, on a Saturday, we walked the cobblestoned streets to reach a we explored a wonderful organic market, quite close to Instituto Allende. Spanish music, gorgeous and delicious pastries, organic produce, and an upbeat clientele. The food vendors had vegan and vegetarian options, many spoke English, and the large communal tables helped people mingle and get acquainted while savoring the many fragrant and tasty dishes. Music, awesome food and an indoor /outdoor market. Extremely well attended with tables communal style for people to eat, enjoy and visit.

In Merida, we were delighted to walk a few blocks to one of the Centro markets and to see that you could purchase healthy and piping hot homemade food, get a haircut for a few dollars and buy a gigantic bunch of flowers for 4-5 US dollars. The people of Merida were among the friendliest people we’ve found in Mexico.

In Tepoztlan, Morelos, the market has such a gorgeous backdrop in the beauty and enchantment of the town … you can look out into the distance and see the most amazing stone and rock formations. The central area of the market is where you can purchase prepared foods and among my favorite delicacies here are tlacoyos – savory dough in the shape of a boat and filled with your favorite veggie or beef or cheese … or a combination of it all. A delicious communal breakfast here is $3 USD including Mexican coffee. I am also very partial to the sweet limes when they are available in this market.

Wherever you travel in Mexico, I am pretty sure the local markets will delight your senses and nourish you in many ways. These picturesque markets are one of the reasons why we love Mexico

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