Santiago Bed
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Santiago Bed. Our homage to the Santiago de Compostela pilgrimage

Such a bed as this transforms the atmosphere in your Mexican bedroom. Beautiful turned bedposts in dark chocolate pine wood. A sense of upward movement and an homage to colonial times.


And it comes with a story! We have friends who have walked the "Camino de Santiago" in Spain. An amazing thing that happens along the way is that people open their homes to the pilgrims and provide room and board to support their spiritual journey. The families who volunteer to do this are called "hospitaleros" -- the hospitable ones. Our Santiago bed reminds us of that spirit of service, hospitality and camaraderie. So as you and your guests enjoy a restful nourishing sleep in your Mexican home, the Santiago bed can hold memories of your many happy journeys!

King dimensions: 195x200x200 (78.25x78.75x78.75 inches)

Length: 61.00 in
Width: 78.75 in
Height: 78.75 in
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