Beach Cottage Storage Trunk
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sturdy, solid wood trunk perfectly complements Mexican rustic contemporary or hacienda decor
Beach Cottage Finish
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Hand made in Mexico from solid mango wood planks, the trunk has a smooth, lovely distressed finish.  Beautifully constructed, solid and sturdy. Evocative of times at the beach and of the very "hip" rustic contemporary aesthetic.  Multiple protective varnishes, light washes of color and a finish so wonderful to the touch that, frankly, pictures barely do it justice.

Just as a head board is key to helping you achieve a good night's sleep, a trunk at the foot of your bed is said to add stability and security to the feel of your bedroom.  In addition, it will help you store your Mexican blankets, pillows and other essentials when you are not using them -- so you can stay organized and minimize clutter. 

Length: 44.25 in
Width: 18.50 in
Height: 21.25 in
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