What's Your Gringo Furniture Style?

Answer Key:

Cottage Style Furniture Gringo Furniture

Cottage Style Furniture

If most of your answers are “a,” your favorite style is most likely Cottage. You prefer a casual style, but accented with bright color, and with a sophisticated or even retro edge. You love adding fun, conversation pieces to your space and are not afraid to restore, distress or paint your own furniture. Bright colors nourish you and have a strong effect on your mood.

Furniiture Design Quiz Rustic Gringo Furniture

Rustic Furniture Style

If most of your answers are "b" then your preferred Gringo furniture style is probably Rustic. We have a great variety of pieces available on our site for you to browse. Your style is casual, relaxed and easy. You love the texture of warm, clean woods and prefer a functional, easy to care, durable décor that helps your guests relax and feel welcome. You like plush comfortable sofas and grainy soft colored wood.

Design Quiz Rustic Contemporary Gringo Furniture

Mexican Rustic Contemporary Style

If you answered "c" most often, then your favorite furniture style is likely to be Rustic Contemporary. You like the appeal of wood finishes but prefer to have a spacious feeling in your surroundings. Space and light are very important to you. Your home décor tends to be sophisticated and you have a modern sensibility. You want your guests to feel welcome, but you are also quite happy to see them go home.

Gringo Furniture Style Quiz Hacienda

Mexican Hacienda Furniture

If you answered "d" most often then your style is Hacienda. You believe that “they don’t make them the way they used to,” and have a deep appreciation for fine antiques, solid objects, dark, rich textured woods. Your style at times verges on the opulent. You like warm comfort but especially when mixed with time-tested pieces that look well-put together.

Gringo Furniture Style Quiz Eclectic

Eclectic Design Style

If most of your answers are “e” then your style is Eclectic. You are somewhat of a risk taker when it comes to furniture and home design. You enjoy choosing key pieces and combining them in a “less is more” kind of approach. Your home’s furniture style evolves and changes as you change. You generally pull your rooms together using color, repetition and the way furniture makes you “feel.” You enjoy choosing a piece of furniture you just love and incorporating it into your home’s décor smartly and efficiently.

Gringo Furniture Style Quiz

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