Cancun Coastal Trunk
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The Cancun Coastal trunk is hugely versatile.

Why is it so special to suddenly come across a trunk in a Mexican home or bedroom? Is it because of the stories of treasure chests and romance? Is it because of pirate tales, movies and books? I do not know exactly why it is, but whenever I spy a trunk in a living room, office or bedroom [confession:] I sigh in delight!

This particular trunk is lovely in its weathered and coastal details, reminding me of the passage of time, and of the effect of ocean and air smoothing everything out, including, at times, our own spirits. (One of the ways in which coastal living rejuvenates us.)

The Cancun Coastal trunk is hugely versatile: you can place it in your Mexican bedroom to hold linens or light cotton blankets; you can feature it in your foyer as a kind of welcome bench to encourage guests to take their shoes off; or you can place it in your living room and stock it with magazines, inspiration and other surprises. Unlimited possibilities!

Length: 42.00 in
Width: 16.00 in
Height: 18.50 in
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