Cancun Coastal Night Table
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The Cancun Coastal night tables feature beautiful coastal, beachy, cottage
styling and solid wood
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One of the unsung furniture heroes of any bedroom is the night table. It at times gets taken for granted. We generally don’t miss a night stand … that is until we go into a bedroom and there isn’t one there! Horrors! What about my water glass? What about my glasses? What about my magazines? My smart phone?

No night table? No clue. Of course, we do understand that it isn’t always possible to have a night table due to the size of your Mexican bedroom. If that’s the case we get it. Your guests and renters must “make do.” But whenever you have the option, please do the gracious welcoming thing and have a night stand for each of your guests. It’s a statement that says “Sweet dreams; I care about your comfort.”

The Cancun Coastal night tables feature a beautiful coastal, hand-buffed beachy finish and solid wood. 

Length: 18.00 in
Width: 26.00 in
Height: 27.00 in
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