How to choose a great sofa for your Mexican living room

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Usually one of the first pieces you see when you open the door to your Mexican condo is the sofa. It tends to be the main anchoring point. And the sofa is also one of the most used pieces of furniture in your home. I mean, not all guests make it to the bedrooms or even the bathrooms, but a lot of people do eventually sit on your sofa. So it follows that your sofa is not just a big decorative statement in your Mexican living room but also an important investment.  It is a big decision and one that requires thoughtful consideration. Here are a few things to keep in mind, we hope they help you approach your decision-making process.

Many of our customers choose our slipcovered sofas because of their comfy, beachy and practical appeal. These sofas are wonderfully comfortable, extremely well made by Mexican artisans and they have their own relaxed allure for your Mexican home.

How to choose the best Mexican sofa

Even after choosing whether leather, sectional, upholstered or slipcovered, sometimes our clients are conflicted regarding the color. Here are a few things to consider.

Should you choose a printed fabric for your Mexican sofa?

Some clients love prints and they want us to use printed fabrics to upholster their sofas. Printed fabrics can be beautiful, but they can certainly add to the price of your sofa because every single design has to be matched exactly. Lots more fabric is necessary when you are trying to match a design so that it works well on the overall sofa. Unfortunately, a lot of fabric is wasted in cutting and matching the designs for each arm, each pillow.

What about a bright color to upholster your Mexican sofa?

Some clients love bright colors and they want to make sure they can use bright colors on their Mexican sofa. I mean, Mexico is all about color, so if not now, when? The thing with bright colors is that you are making a big commitment to that color for a very long time. Not to brag, but our artisans’ slipcovered sofas last a really long time. If you go with a bright color you will need to live with it for perhaps 10 years. So what do you do?

My best advise is to choose your sofa or living room ensemble in a solid color and accent with decorative pillows which can be in bright colors … and which you can exchange for a visual refresh depending on the season, the guests or even what mood you are in.

Another option for sprucing up your Mexican home decor is to purchase new colorful throws and accent pillows in bright Mexican colors. These decorative touches can and do help your Mexican living room look vibrant, fresh. I often completely change the color scheme in my living room in fall and spring. Since our living room furniture is off white, this works quite well. In fall and winter, we accent with bright, jewel-tone pillows and throws. In spring and summer, I opt for pillows in turquoise, pinks, greens with lightly woven throws to help pull the look together.

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