Great furniture can help you entertain in Mexico this holiday season

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It is no longer to soon to be talking about your holiday entertainment plans. With foliage and a change in the light and in air temperature, many of us are thinking about the holidays. And for some, that means traveling to your home or condo in Mexico where you will welcome (some very lucky) guests who will get to enjoy the sunshine, the ocean, the Mexican holiday foods and costumes with you. A holiday season to remember!

So now is the time to begin thinking of that additional bed or sofa, those gorgeous regal looking hacienda arm chairs you've been wanting to add to your dining room, or those exciting tables, buffets or anchoring new furniture pieces to help give a little makeover to your Mexican living room or dining room, and help make your guests most comfy.

A few Mexican furniture ideas:

You can add a pop of color and freshen your Mexican guest bedroom with an upholstered bed base and headboard in a variety of bright colors.

You can add cottage style bright side or coffee or even night tables to your living room or bedroom.

You can have our Mexican artisans design a new buffet to hold your dinnerware, candles, table linens or to be a fun bar.

And a few entertaining tips for your Mexico get togethers:

Keep it simple. The focus should be that you are relaxed and your guests get to enjoy your company. Prepare things in advance, have some help on hand and keep work to a minimum so you can enjoy yourself.

Have someone come in and to make fresh tortilllas on the spot and set up a tortilla bar with several things to put in them. This will be a huge treat for your guests and you'd be surprised at how cost-effective it can be.

Decorate simply and brightly with Mexican papel picado, paper flowers and twinkle lights and candles.

December holidays in Mexico can be spectacular. Make sure you tune in to the markets and town squares for special events and traditional festivities.



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