Not about Mexican furniture. Best beach in Mexico?

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If you love Mexico like we do, no doubt you have your favorite stories, memories and experiences of Mexican beaches. Mexico has so very much to offer: great food, wonderful people, beautiful furniture, amazing history and so many ancestral traditions from which we can learn and be nourished by. Still, many of us think of beaches when we think of Mexico. One of my favorite memories is of a pink small hotel in Mazanillo, right on the ocean, where they used to give you old skeleton keys with which to access your hotel rooms. I remember an early morning walk along the beach during which, as I placed each of my feet on the sand, tiny silver fish would fly up in the air as if by magic. One of those unforgettable experiences. I am sure you have your favorite Mexican beach destinations as well. Whether it is Cabo San Lucas, Cancun, Tulum, or Zihuatanejo ... or your very own private Mexican heaven ... this article from US News and World Report will help you remember your faves.



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